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iQ Global Logistics. Shipping freight from, to, in US.  

Return Policy

For clients that do not have an account with us, we request a  75% deposit of the estimated shipping charges. The deposit will be applied to the invoice balance once the pieces, weight and dimensions are certified. iQ Global Logistics Corp accepts American Express, Discover, and MasterCard & Visa.

Cancellation requests must be submitted via email to
We have various levels of cancellation standards depending on service provided and how far along your shipment has proceeded.

1. Shipment has been web-scheduled but no service has been provided (pickup has not occurred or cargo has not been delivered to one of our 75+ US Stations)
A cancellation fee may apply:  $2
5 minimum or 3% of total whichever is greater.

2. Shipment has been web-scheduled and self delivery to one of our 75+ US Stations has occurred.
Terminal handling charge: $75 minimum or $25 per cubic meter will apply
whichever is greater. Plus a cancellation fee will apply:  $25 minimum or 3% of total whichever is greater.

3. Shipment has been web-scheduled and pickup service has occurred.
If pickup service occurs and cancellation is requested the following charges will be applicable:
Cancellation fee:  $25 minimum or 3% of total whichever is greater.
- Pickup Service: as priced on our website based on origin zip code and certified chargeable weight.  Charge is double if return to pickup location is requested.
- Palletize & Shrink-wrap service as priced on our website (if applicable).
- Liftgate Service $75 (if applicable).
- Attempted pickup charge $75 (if applicable).

harges do not include the return to pickup location (unless requested).
After pickup service occurs we reserve the right to request entire payment via cashiers check for cancellations.

4. Shipment has been web-scheduled and attempted pickup has occurred.
The following charges will apply:
Attempted pickup charge of $75.
ancellation fee:  $25 minimum or 3% of total whichever is greater.

5. Shipment has already departed
origin station, terminal or seaport.
iQ Global Logistics Corp
will not provide refunds after this date.

PLEASE NOTE: Insurance claims due to damage or loss are processed separately from freight charges.

  1. In order to use iQ Global Logistics Corp's LCL Seafreight Service cargo must be boxed or crated and labeled for the shipping purposes (name, address, city, country & phone#). Certain restrictions may apply.
  2. FINAL PRICE is subject to certified weights and dimensions.
  3. Terminal to terminal ocean freight rates are based on weight or measure (volume) and are subject to verification.
  4. Pickup charges are based on chargeable cargo weight and subject to actual or dimensional weight verification. Whichever is greater: (Length x Width x Height in inches) : 250 = Chargeable Weight in Pounds.
  5. DESTINATION CHARGES: Rates include origin handling charges, fuel surcharge and currency adjustment but are subject to all applicable destination charges (customs clearance, destination handling charges, delivery, etc). ALL DESTINATION CHARGES PAYABLE ON CONSIGNEE’S ACCOUNT.
  6. Hazardous, Perishable or Over-length (longer than 3.65m / 12ft) and other special or irregular cargo/goods are subject to surcharges and accepted after approval and rate confirmation only.
  7. PACKAGING: iQ Global Logistics Corp does not provide packing service. Boxes, packing tape and other shipping supplies can be purchased on-line via the PACKING section of the web-site at no extra cost for the delivery using ground shipping service. Also it can be purchased from any local office supply or shipping retail center Mailboxes, Parcel Plus, Sams Club, Costco or Office Supply store. We recommend proper cartons of strength minimum 150 lbs.
  8. WOODPACKING RESTRICTIONS - Review our WOODPACKING page on woodpacking restrictions that apply to some countries.
  9. ONE BUSINESS DAY is required to execute complete scheduling. Beyond areas may require an extended notification. ATTEMPTED PICKUP - One business day advance notification for changes to the pickup scheduling is required to prevent a $75 attempted pickup charge.
  10. For more detailed LCL Seafreight Service Conditions visit the following pages on the website: GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS and BACK SIDE OF OUR BOL. Read F.A.Q. section of the website for comprehensive explanations of services provided by iQ Global Logistics Corp.
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