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Palletizing and Chargeable Weight/Volume (W/M)

Boxes, bubble-wrap, packing tape and other shipping supplies can be purchased on-line via our PACKAGING section. We recommend boxes (cartons) with a "Bursting Strength" of 200 lbs per square inch or greater.

For larger Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes, D-Containers and Crates visit

We also accept plastic storage containers & suitcases.

To avoid damage or loss we palletize and shrink-wrap all shipments exceeding 3 loose pieces or if any one piece exceeds 99 lbs.
Our price includes the pallet, shrink-wrap and labor to build and handle the loose pieces.
Palletized cargo dimensions are derived by the length, width and highest point of the pallet (including the pallet itself). pallets
Standard size of a US wood pallet (aka "skid"):
- Length 48" (1.2m)
- Width 40" (1.0m)
- Height 6" (0.15m)
We build pallets to a height range of 50" to 90".

Palletizing may increase chargeable volume by 10% - 30% or more. However palletized cargo has a much higher probability to reach the destination safely without damage or loss.

PICKUP SERVICE + PALLETIZING: If you are selecting palletizing along with our pickup service the cargo will be accepted by our driver as loose cartons and then palletized before transfer to the steamship line CFS (Container Freight Station or shipping terminal).

SELF-DELIVERED CARGO: If you deliver the cargo to the origin ship terminal, you will likely be asked to pay for the palletizing directly at the terminal. For self-delivered cargo, it is the consigner's responsibility to order palletizing at the terminal.

  • Shrink-Wrap is also referred to as "Stretch Wrap".
  • We recommend ULINE 120 Gauge Stretch Wrap S-3968.
  • Place the strongest and heaviest pieces on the bottom.
  • Ensure the Shrink-Wrap also grabs all sides and of the pallet.
  • Place similar size pieces on same row when building the pallet.
  • Any one piece that exceeds 99 lbs must be palletized & shrink-wrapped.
  • Cover the top of your pallet also with shrink-wrap to keep your cargo clean and safe.
  • NO OVERHANG - Align pieces to fit within the edges of a pallet (48" X 40" or 1.2m X 1.0m).
  • Shrink-Wrap Early & Often - 3 to 5 layers of 120 gauge wrap should be applied to include the top.
  • The following box sizes fit within the dimensions of a standard size 48"x40" pallet and make the layers uniform without dead space.
    (LengthxWidthxHeight) on a 48"x40" Pallet LINK
    12"x10"x Any Height


    Click Here
    16"x10"x Any Height


    Click Here
    24"x10"x Any Height


    Click Here
    24"x20"x Any Height


    Click Here
    48"x40"x Any Height


    Click Here
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