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Less than Container Load (LCL) Seafreight Service
3 Simple Steps: Quote - Book - Pay!
1. With our Self-Delivery Service we gladly receive your shipment from 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri (no weekends) at one of our 75+ Export Receiving Stations which are located near the airport or seaport in your metro area.  Complete address & Google map-link are included in the Shipping Instructions which is Emailed same business day when booking & payment are received by 4pm EST (also includes labels, sailing schedule and Simple Packing List form).  Payments after 4pm EST will be scheduled next business day before 9am.

2. Pickup Service is provided the date you specify when completing the Schedule My Shipment process.  Shipping Instructions are Emailed same business day when booking & payment are received by 4pm EST (includes labels, sailing schedule and Quick Packing List form).  Payments after 4pm EST will be scheduled next business day before 9am. Residential Pickup Service is ground level "Threshold Service" from the front door, foyer area or garage.  Room specific service is not provided
Weight is not a pricing factor for the SeaFreight segment of your shipment unless your weight exceeds 1654 lbs (750 kilos) per Cubic Meter.
We accept boxes,
crates, pallets, plastic storage containers & suitcases. 
REMINDER:  We do not provide packing services. Our service is You Pack - We Ship!
To prevent damage and loss we do not move loose / unpalletized cargo thru our system.  All cargo must be crated or Palletized & Shrink-Wrapped.  If cargo is presented to us loose we will automatically Palletize & Shrink-Wrap.  Service is $50 per pallet (read full details below).  Please also read our Palletize & Shrink-Wrap page.
Choose the type of pickup (if a pickup is requested). Finally, select any applicable additional services and press the Calculate Button.  We guarantee our pricing up to ten days after booking & payment are effected.  Final invoice is based on certified weight & dimensions. Please take a moment to read more about Chargeable Weight and Volume certification. 

Our Service is up to the Destination Port/Terminal.  Recipient of cargo is to arrange three items:  A. Clearance  B. Delivery  C. Payment of destination station fees.  Charges vary based on destination country and total volume shipped but the average is USD100-200 per cubic meter for the first 2-3 cubic meters (China, France, Italy & Spain tend to be 200%-300% higher).  Most destinations have 5 days free storage.

Please schedule your shipment between 1 day and 3 weeks of your desired ship date.

Estimating your pieces, weight and dimensions is quite acceptable.  After your cargo is in our system we certify the weight and dimensions.  Any variance will appear on your final invoice which can be paid from anywhere on the planet via Google Checkout.

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  1. iQ Global Logistics Corp is a Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) - Ocean Transport Intermediary, License No. 020574N.
  2. This quotation is an NVOCC Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA, government speak for "Quote") provided pursuant to FMC Regulations as provided in 46 CFR 532, and this NRA is subject to the governing rules of iQ Global Logistics Corp (hereinafter, Carrier), which is accessible at
  3. This NRA is assigned a unique NRA-Quote number when you click on the E-MAIL THIS QUOTE button.  Every bill of lading which is issued by Carrier to which an NRA does apply shall be state on hte front thereof "This bill of lading shall be rated in accordance with the generated NRA-Quote# entered into between Shipper (client) and Carrier.
  4. The NRA shipper and Carrier agree that the shipper's identity, the rates, charges, terms and conditions offered and/or agreed in an NRA shal be kept confidential from any other shipper or carrier.
  5. This Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA, government speak for "Quote") is made and concluded between iQ Global Logistics Corp and the NRA Shipper (Client) herein, whereby the parties mutually agree as set forth in this NRA.  The parties have executed this NRA through their responsible representatives duly authorized as of the date noted in this NRA.  By executing this NRA, the shipper's representative as named herein hereby certifies he/she is duly authorized by the NRA Shipper to authorze NRA Shipper's agreeemetn to this NRA.
  6. Except as otherswise provided all rates agreed in this NRA are subject to surcharges and accessorial charges as published in Carrier's governing tariff.  The surcharges and accessorial charges that will be applied to each NRA are those that are in effect as of the date the first shipmetn under each NRA is received by Carrier, and such surcharges and accessorial charges shall remain fixed at the level for the period the NRA is in effect. 
  7. Weekday Economy Pickup Service occurs between the hours of 1pm to 5pm.
  8. Residential Pickup Service is ground level Threshold Service from front door, foyer area, or garage area. Room Specific Service is not provided (kitchen, bedroom, etc).  Non-paved & restricted access points may be refused.  No Stairs for any one piece +99 Lbs or that will not fit on a standard dolly. Cargo +99 Lbs must have  skids for pallet jack.
  9. Special "Time Specific" Pickup Service is a one hour time window service provided between the hours of 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Mon - Fri).
  10. Liftgate is a lifting mechanism on the rear of truck used for any one piece exceeds 99 lbs when a fork-lift or dock are not available.  Liftgate Maximum Weight: 2000 lbs.
    Maximum Dimensions: 75" x 48" with both sides being fork-lift or pallet jack accessible.
  11. To prevent damage and loss we do not move loose / unpalletized cargo thru our Global LCL Seafreight Network. All cargo must be crated or Palletized & Shrink-Wrapped.  If cargo is presented to us loose we will automatically Palletize & Shrink-Wrap. Service is $50 per pallet (aka skid) and each pallet holds approximately 2 cubic meters of cargo.  Most pallets are roughly 48x40 inches.  If a given pallet were built 32 inches in height with loose cargo that would be approximately 1 cubic meter (48x40x32).  A pallet 48x40x64 would be 2 cubic meters.
    Please visit the
    PALLETIZING page for complete details.
  12. Insurance - visit our INSURANCE page for more information.
  1. All cargo must be packaged, palletized or crated for our LCL Economy Seafreight Service. We provide a labeling feature in our shipping instructions that is emailed within one business day after scheduling & payment are effected.
  2. We guarantee our pricing for 30 calendar days from the date of the booking or initial payment (whichever is later).
  3. All rates are in U.S. Dollars.
  4. Final price is based on certified weight and dimensions as determined by our origin station.
  5. Station to Station SeaFreight rates are on basis of Rate per Cubic Meter.  When the density of cargo exceeds 750 kg per 1 cubic meter a 50% per cubic meter surcharge may be applied.
  6. Inland Trucking Chargeable Weight is the greater of Actual Weight or Volume Weight. Volume Weight Formula: (Length" x Width" x Height") divided by 250 = Volume Weight in pounds.
  7. Destination Station Handling Charges include but are not limited to cross dock fees, handling, documentation, customs bond, fuel surcharge, off-loading and currency adjustment factor.
  8. We do not ship Hazardous or Perishable cargo!
  9. Oversize cargo is defined as length greater than 120", width exceeding 92" and height exceeding 89". This type cargo is subject to but not limited to a 50% per cubic meter surcharge and acceptance by iQ Global Logistics Corp.
  10. We do not provide packing services.
  11. Wood Packing Restrictions apply to certain countries.  Review our comprehensive overview at this link WOODPACKING.
  12. iQ Global Logistics Corp is a Federal Maritime Commission licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) - Ocean Transport Intermediary License No. 020574N. iQ Global Logistics Corp does NOT provide services to unlicensed Ocean Transportation Intermediaries.
  13. For more detailed LCL Seafreight Service Conditions visit the following pages in the website: GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS and BACK SIDE OF OUR BOL. Read F.A.Q. section of the website for comprehensive explanations of services provided by iQ Global Logistics Corp.

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